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The story behind this week’s photos:

  • Photos 1 & 2 – Edelman Digital Chicago packed up and moved floors – from 63 to 66 in the AON Center. Our new floor is pretty slick – a modern, open floor plan, new kitchen with a ton of food, and cool meeting spaces. I’ll probably have more photos of it coming soon.
  • Photos 4 & 5 – Miles got pretty sick this week, with his fever at one point going up to 103. A few restless nights for him (which meant a few sleepless nights for us). I stayed home with him a couple of days until he got better. It was a rough couple of days, but he was in good spirits for most of it.
  • Photos 3 & 6 – Only in Chicago can it go from 50 degrees one day to a blizzard the next.

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How was your week?

Christmas is Magic

… at least, for little kids it still is. It’s been so fun sharing that experience all over again with Miles this year.

How’s your season going?

Wordless Wednesday | Farewell Outdoor Play

In Case You Haven’t Discovered Pinterest

Pinterest is what all the cool kids are doing these days. No, seriously. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and am very addicted.

The concept is pretty simple. You find a photo or video of something online that you find inspiring. You pin it. Done.

You can choose your “pinboards” (categories, basically) and you can follow other people’s pins and pinboards. It’s great for discovery and inspiration. In that sense, I’d compare it to Tumblr, which I’ve used for years. But it also works well for planning. Believe me – I’ve had to un-follow many a wedding-themed pinboard recently.

If you check it out, feel free to give me a follow. And of course, let me know what you think in the comments.


A few weekends ago we traveled up to Wisconsin to visit my in-laws, who recently purchased a cabin. On a private lake. On 52 acres of land. Needless to say, it was beautiful and relaxing and just what we needed for a little escape from big city life.

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These “Men-Ups” Are Disturbing

But they make a compelling point, don’t they? Look how ridiculous some of these poses are when men are made to do them.

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All Things Apple

There are many, many things that I love about fall, but apples are definitely high up on the list. I look forward to honeycrisps especially every year. Mmm, so good.

Every year we try to go apple picking ourselves. We’ll hopefully be able to get it on the agenda for this year, but in the meantime, another of our favorite rituals is to stop by the Lincoln Square Apple Fest.

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This Kid and a Whale

This past weekend, we took a field trip out to Renegade Craft Fair, a yearly gathering of artists and artisans that descends upon Chicago. It was a bustling scene, full of more hipsters and wannabes than an Arcade Fire concert. But we had fun.

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So Long, Summer

We sure enjoyed your milkshakes.


For the second year, my wife is participating in a community garden project right here in our neighborhood. One of her many talents. It’s really fun to see this project (ahem) sprout up in the middle of Chicago.

I commend her on this. Despite the obvious etymological roots of my last name, I am no green thumb. The one plant I attempted to nurture in 5th grade died. And that was a cactus.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in learning. I find the process fascinating, and I’m hoping to document it here as it goes along.

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A Day Spent Swinging

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