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Material Mondays | Bundle Up Edition

That’s right. It’s getting colder, which means you need the right stuff to sustain you. Especially if you live in Chicago, like I do. Like this gray cashmere Howard Yount Flannel V-Neck. Elbow patches FTW.

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Material Mondays | iPhone Style, Etc.

So half of what I found this week is dedicated to the iPhone. If you’re not an iPhone user, I apologize. Since I am one, I tend to gravitate towards iPhone related stuff.¬†Like these iPhone gloves by Dots. Being able to use my phone without having to take off my gloves is fantastic in Chicago winters. The above are actually from a collaboration by Dots for Opening Ceremony, if you feel like paying twice the price for basically the same thing.

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Material Mondays | Of Leather & Wood

This week’s Material Monday starts off with watches from WeWood, an Italian company that decided they wanted to move to LA and start planting trees (probably a good idea). Their TOMS-esque motto: you buy a watch, we’ll plant a tree. Not a bad deal. Continue reading

Material Mondays | Scotch & Woogies

I used to spend a lot more time on this blog talking about things. It was fun, but I found myself spending 90% of my time doing it, since I was constantly finding cool stuff. And I wanted to make this blog about something more substantive than just products.

But I’m still finding a lot of cool stuff that I’d like to share, so I wanted to find a way to do so somewhat regularly. Enter Material Mondays, where I share a list of the cool stuff I’ve found that week. Simple as that.

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Pardon Jack Johnson

A century ago, an epic boxing match took place between Jack Johnson and the “Great White Hope” Jim Jeffries. Johnson successfully defended his title against Jeffries, but was persecuted by the FBI, and convicted two years later under the Mann Act of a romance with a white woman. Now a movement aims to have Johnson pardoned by President Obama.

Want to show support? A portion of these limited edition t-shirts will be donated to PBS, whose documentary focuses on the life and achievements of Johnson.

Good looking shirt and a piece of history? That’s a win-win. Of course, I was a history major, so I may be a little biased. [via Cool Hunting]

Desirables | Shoe Edition

Not sure why casual shoes have been in the news lately, but there have been some great collaborations going on. Case in point: these babies from Band of Outsiders and Sperry Top-Sider are no different. Available online now. Check out the rest of the collection as well. They’re all great. [via Definite Touch]

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TOMS and charity:water Join Forces

TOMS is one of those businesses that everyone loves. And if you don’t, you’re not paying attention.

Not only do they have an incredible mission, but their shoes look pretty damn cool — a big reason why I’ve covered them previously here. Now they’ve teamed up with one of my favorite nonprofits, charity:water, to offer the Water Project Shoe.

(PS, How a company that already gives away shoes for every shoe it sells can afford to go a step further like this is beyond me. Nevertheless, it’s awesome.)

The shoe comes in two styles: the Water Shoe (women only) and the Map Shoe (pictured above, for both sexes.) The shoes come in at a very affordable $58, and you’ll be simultaneously helping build a clean water well in Africa and donating a pair of shoes to a child in need.

The verdict? Do it.

Field Trip | Haberdash Men’s Shop

Having heard the buzz around Haberdash Men’s Shop, I’d been planning to stop by for a while. I finally got my chance last week, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

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Recent Desirables

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve spent less and less time in this space talking about products. There are two reasons for that. One is because I realized there are other blogs doing it better than I am. And two is because I don’t want to anymore. I’d rather spend my time talking about intangibles than tangibles.

But that doesn’t mean I no longer pay attention to the tangibles. As such, I’d still like to spend some time every once in a while updating you about what has caught my eye.
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Wants | Holiday Season 2009

As requested, here are my ‘Wants’ for this Christmas season. These are all items that have caught my eye in recent months that I have not previously mentioned here.

Let’s start with the new line of shirts at Hamilton, America’s oldest family-owned shirt maker. Hamilton’s been making high quality custom made shirts in Houston for over a century, and this year they introduced the 1883 line of ready-to-wear shirts. The one you see above is the Oxford, which would be my choice.

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H&M Knows What You Tweed

Sometimes GQ is a little too on-the-nose. Take for instance this herringbone tweed vest by H&M, which may be the best Fall outerwear piece I’ve seen since J. Crew’s Denim Peacoat.

With a price tag of only $49.99, what an easy way to give your Fall wardrobe a shot of cool.

Don’t visit H&M’s God-awful website looking for the vest, because they have yet to incorporate online sales for the US.

Plus it may make your browser crash. Or at the very least piss it off.

You’ll have to go straight to one of two Chicago locations for this one. But at $49.99, I think you’ll be able to afford the gas it’ll take to get you there.

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