You came into the world like a highly anticipated storm, one that you make arrangements for, one that people warn you is going to be noisy and troublesome and dangerous, and no matter how much you prepare you never feel fully prepared. You came with a heavy air that hangs on your lungs.

You changed us.

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John Updike’s Advice to Writers

March 24, 2014
John Updike's Advice to Writers

From the always-wonderful Brain Pickings comes this gem from legendary author John Updike. Some of my favorite highlights: Try to develop actual work habits and, even though you have a busy life, try to reserve an hour, say, or more a day to write. Very good things have been written on an hour a day. […]

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The Green Chicago River in 30 Seconds

March 17, 2014
Green Chicago River

Yes, the green Chicago river is a thing every year. At this speed, it looks kind of gross. On that note, happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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An Introvert’s Guide to SXSW

March 12, 2014
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Don’t go to SXSW.

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First Kiss Between Strangers

March 11, 2014
First Kiss

Whoa. This video is going around the internet today, and with good reason. Artist Tatia Pilieva put two total strangers in a room and asked them to have their first kiss on camera. The results are so interesting — passionate, awkward, and everything in between. Update: Jezebel points out that this video is actually part of […]

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Beyond the Big Gray Door

March 5, 2014
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TL;DR. The much promised follow up to this confession: the story of meeting my father. I was staring at grass. When left unattended, the turf grass of Oklahoma grows tall and wild, and gives the plains a rigid but relaxed feeling as the breezes sweep over them. This grass was obscuring the facade of a long […]

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How to Focus

February 28, 2014
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I’ve been unusually productive this week. I finished a proposal for a semi-secret project I’m working on, developed a curriculum for a content strategy course, and wrote a well-received rant about my industry. How did I do it? I’ve been learning how to focus on what is really important.

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