Portrait of a Superwoman

by Caleb on January 18, 2015


At 31 weeks pregnant, my wife makes me feel inadequate.

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Awesome Smartphone Photography Tips

August 27, 2014
Smartphone photography tips

Definitely trying some of these out. [via Devour]

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The Water Is Lovely Today

August 18, 2014
Water Is Lovely

Walking down the steps into our backyard, my bare feet hit our freshly mowed grass without fanfare. But Jack’s feet take each step deliberately, carefully, as he scales the steps proudly and independently. It’s Sunday afternoon. Miles makes import of the fact that he is putting on his big-boy shoes, newly purchased in advance of […]

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I Write

August 1, 2014
Thumbnail image for I Write

I write as I’m walking down a street in New York, feet tired, pace slowing to let my mind wander. I write as the sun goes down, and I pass shops closing up for the night, bars opening up as New Yorkers spill out into the streets in anticipation of long evenings. I write as […]

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An Open Letter to My Son on His 5th Birthday

March 28, 2014

You came into the world like a highly anticipated storm, one that you make arrangements for, one that people warn you is going to be noisy and troublesome and dangerous, and no matter how much you prepare you never feel fully prepared. You came with a heavy air that hangs on your lungs. You changed […]

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John Updike’s Advice to Writers

March 24, 2014
John Updike's Advice to Writers

From the always-wonderful Brain Pickings comes this gem from legendary author John Updike. Some of my favorite highlights: Try to develop actual work habits and, even though you have a busy life, try to reserve an hour, say, or more a day to write. Very good things have been written on an hour a day. […]

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The Green Chicago River in 30 Seconds

March 17, 2014
Green Chicago River

Yes, the green Chicago river is a thing every year. At this speed, it looks kind of gross. On that note, happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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